Some experiences cycle back

Like echoes.

As if they are saying something,

Something no one wants to hear.

Four times in my life

I’ve encountered a bird stuck in a skylight.

It’s frantically flying upward,

All birds know that is what you do

When you are trapped.

Each time I got creative, used all the tools;

Brooms, sticks, pillow cases, towels.

Scared the bird to death and

Slightly hurt it, no doubt - 

But it had to be done to set it free.

Every time I think, “That’s like me and God.”

I’m trying frantically to be free,

Flying upward, or so it seems.

He terrifies me, even hurts me sometimes,

To direct me toward what I need,

What I want, 

What I didn’t even know existed.

Some experiences cycle back like echoes.

As if they are saying something no one wants 

To hear.

Why don’t birds learn?

Why don’t I?

Jeff Kuhn1 Comment