My Experiments   with Truth...


Ghandi titled his autobiography "The Story of My Experiments with Truth."  The older I get the more I like that phrase.  When I was younger I thought truth was something that I gained, something I had in my possession, something I "mastered".  But time is teaching me that the truth isn't so much an object as a person that I live in relationship with.  That's why Jesus said, "I am the Truth" instead of "I will teach you the truth."  Carol Bialock wrote an amazing poem called Truth:

I tried to understand truth,

take hold, dust off, dissect, classify, label.

But before I could find its genetic code,

before I could take the trophy, triumphant,

the irresistibly real pinned me down,

held me close

and fed me at its breast.

That’s how I learned to

keep silent,

drink deep.

So here's my website, a place where I document my experiments with Truth, where I try to “keep silent, and drink deep.”  Hopefully it will invite you to do the same, living out and reflecting on your own experiments.


Who I Am


Who am I?  Christ follower, husband to Angela, father to Rebecca, Madison, Kaitlyn, and Bethany. I'm also a pastor, coach, writer, friend, and beloved child of God.  I'm the richest of all men.

My Mission: To live in a continual relationship with and awareness of Jesus, allowing that to shape and form both me and all my interactions with others.  To use my gifts to help encourage and challenge all I come into contact with to pursue that same relationship and awareness.

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Thoughts matter. Our thoughts and the experiences that they swim in give shape to the people that we become.  Far too often we become mired in a mental rut, operating out of thoughts that have been prepackaged for us by others, or ones that have been malformed through painful experiences of our past.  In Romans 12 Paul writes that we are to be transformed by the renewing of our minds.  My hope is that what you find here opens doors for the Spirit to work in your life as you read these words, think these thoughts, and open up to the possibility of being shaped by them.


Most weeks you will find me teaching at Grace Baptist Church.  This weekly discipline has been one of the most formational activities in my life.  Study, prayer, reflection, and sharing what I find has made me who I am.  My podcast includes the audio of those messages as well as some other random things from time to time.