Friends for the Journey


You cannot "do" the spiritual life alone.  We were made to walk together. The groups and organizations listed below have served me well on my own journey. Their presence here is my way of introducing other people to them and of saying thanks for all they have meant and continue to mean to me.

Grace Baptist Church, 

Hope BC

This is my community, the place I call home. They have loved me for the past 19 years and so much of who I am today was shaped by their love and support.

FEB Pacific

This is my denominational family.  They keep me focused on Jesus and His mission.

Kawkawa Camp


"Transform Lives, Build Leaders, Impact the World, For Christ."  

Camp Squeah

"... a place of renewal, learning, play and retreat."

Impact Ministries

Impact Ministries mission is to train Guatemalans for leadership by teaching biblical principles in such a way that they become integrated in their lives and effect spiritual change in their society, and to impact North American Christians for world missions.

NW Baptist 

Beautiful people who were patient enough to let me turn an M. Div. into a "Masters of Infinity".

Montreat College

Oh so many years ago, Montreat was an amazing place to do my undergrad.