Spiritual Formation Retreats  2019-2020


These retreats are designed to help you step away from your daily routine to reflect on and engage your own spiritual growth.  There will be teaching times with practical applications, but we will also leave large periods of time for your own reflection and practice of the disciplines being taught in each specific week-end. The result will be different for everyone, but the goal is to open our hearts to what God would have for us.

Each retreat will begin at 6:30 PM on Friday with dessert, coffee and the introductory session in a home (location TBA). The Saturday sessions will begin with breakfast at 8:30am at either Camp Kawkawa or Camp Squeah, and continue until after the final session at 8:00pm. The final wrap up will take place on Sunday after church with a potluck lunch at another home in town (location TBA).  The cost is $75 per retreat and includes all meals on Saturday as well as materials.  The retreats are designed to flow from one to the next, but you may take any of the four independently of the others. Please contact the church office (info@ gbchope.com or (604) 869-5524) or send me a message here for more information or to register.



Take a little time away to reflect:

Retreat #1 - Identity: (Oct 18-20, 2019)

All that we do flows out of who we are. The issue in the spiritual life is that we often live out of a false identity, one that is wrapped up in what we do for God, or in what others think of us. This week-end will help to identify that “false self” and teach some practices that can help you live out of who you really are “in Christ”.

Retreat #2 - Awareness: (January 24-26, 2020)

Life can get so busy and full that often we find ourselves running on auto-pilot, hurrying from one crisis to the next. We can miss what God is offering to us because we are moving too fast. This week-end will provide time and wisdom for how to practice living with a deeper awareness of God and His presence.

Retreat #3 - Scripture: (April 17-29, 2020)

The Bible can be a difficult text. We have been taught to read it for information, and there seems to be a disconnect in how that information actually impacts our life. This week-end will focus on reading the Bible for transformation by giving you some practical tools to help you engage Scripture, not just read it.

Retreat #4 - Prayer: (May 29-31, 2020)

“Teach us to pray.” That’s what the disciples asked Jesus. We all want to learn to pray, but also get frustrated when our best attempts at faithfulness in prayer fail, or when we seem to only be coming to God when we want something. This week-end explores prayer as an experience of the presence of God.